Graduate Programs

Tackle challenging problems in science and management with our graduate degree programs in natural resources and the environment. Your interactions with students, faculty, and staff will grow your passion for understanding the world and affecting positive change. You’ll learn how to integrate information about science, management, policy, economics, and planning to develop solutions to interdisciplinary challenges in natural resources conservation and management.

Graduate Degrees in Natural Resources & the Environment

We offer several ways to earn a Master of Science, Doctor of Science, or graduate certificate. You can earn an M.S. in Natural Resources or in Water, Society, and Policy, or a Ph.D. in Natural Resources. We also offer dual degree programs in business administration, public administration, public policy, and urban planning, as well as a Ph.D. minor program.

M.S. students can pursue either a thesis or non-thesis course of study at the discretion of faculty. The course requirements for all graduate students are individually tailored with guidance from a faculty advisory committee.

M.S. & Ph.D. in Natural Resources

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Choose from five emphasis areas: Ecology, Management, and Restoration of Rangelands; Fisheries Conservation and Management; Natural Resources Studies; Watershed Management and Ecohydrology; or Wildlife Conservation and Management.

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M.S. in Water, Society, & Policy

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Meet the demands imposed by water scarcity through the study of water science, society, and policy.

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Dual Degree Programs

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Earn two degrees in three years by pairing your School of Natural Resources and the Environment graduate degree with a Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Policy, Master of Public Administration, or Master of Urban Planning.

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Graduate Minors

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We offer graduate minors in natural resources and water, society, and policy. 

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Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science

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Enhance your skill set with a certificate in geographic information science, which can be completed in a year.

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