Effluent-dominated desert streams: That's just the way it flows

May 13, 2020

We're all familiar with the Santa Cruz River as a fixture of our town here in Tucson, but not everyone is aware of how our society has altered the river through time. The treated wastewater that fills certain sections of the riverbed provides habitat for countless aquatic species, which are studied by researchers here in SNRE.
The story of the river and current research was featured in a recent episode of the Making Waves podcast, published by the Society for Freshwater Science, an international group dedicated to all freshwater research.
Listen in to hear SNRE's Drew Eppehimer and Hamdhani, both PhD candidates in Dr. Michael Bogan's lab, talk about the history and current conditions of the Santa Cruz River, as well as the river's significance to the people of Tucson.
Contributed by PhD student, Susan Washko. Photo above taken by Dr. Michael Bogan: the Santa Cruz River,Tucson