Congratulations to our Rangeland students and faculty!

Feb. 22, 2021

A huge round of applause to SNRE's Rangeland students and faculty for their hard work and dedication, earning them recognition at the annual meeting of the International Society for Range Management! There were several SNRE awardees, including faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates, who received Honors during the meeting.

  • Dr. Elise Gornish  received the Outstanding Young Range Professional Award.
  • Dr. Barb Hutchinson received the Outstanding Achievement Award in Research and Academia. 
  • Graduate student Cameron Burleson received the 1st Place Individual Award in the URME competition.
  • Tzirel Leiser received the 3rd Place Individual Award in the URME competition, as well as the 3rd Place Individual Award in the Extemporaneous Speaking competition.

For the second year in the row, the UA URME Team also received 1st place Team Award in the URME competition! Congratulations to Claire K. Bigelow-Lundin,  Alex Binford-Walsh, Tzirel H. Leiser, Jacob H. Brown, Grace A. Nykol, James M. Bradley Autumn R. Horvat and Cameron S. Burleson.
Tzirel Leiser and Jacob Brown also received the 2nd Place Team Award in the Rangeland Cup Competition.
Congratulations to all! 
Slideshow Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash